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You are Most Welcome to visit India !!

India is one of the Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations in the world and very Safe for Foreign Tourists including Women Travelers, which is why, India receives millions of Foreign Tourists from all around the Globe every year. Basically, the tourists should follow some Do’s and Don’ts, particularly the women travelers, who are travelling alone and there is no problem at all. India is not different than anywhere else but if you analyse international data on crime, it shows that India is really not much as compared to many other countries, who have high rates of crimes. Though there have been some crimes against foreign tourists in the past but they are relatively rare in India. Govt. of India is very much committed towards the safety and security of foreign tourists visiting India. Prevention of crime including the crime against tourists is the primary responsibility of the Government. The Ministry of Tourism has launched 24x7 Toll Free Number 1800111363 or 1363 (while in India) in 12 International Languages, which includes- Hindi, English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. This service is operational all days 24x7 in a year offering a “multi-lingual helpdesk” in the designated languages to provide support service in terms of providing information relating to Travel & Tourism in India to the domestic and International tourists and to assist the callers with advice on action to be taken during times of distress while travelling in India and if need be alert the concerned authorities. Women travellers should be extra cautious while travelling alone or even if travelling in a group. The tourists particularly the female tourists should respect the culture and local dress code and should avoid the isolated areas including beaches, when you are alone. Better avoid travelling alone on public transport or taxi or auto rickshaw, especially at night time. If you want to use them, then get them from hotel or from your Travel Agent. If you have the driver from hotel/ Travel Agent to collect you at the airport, please make sure he is the right person before getting into the car. If you feel anything wrong, then, please dial 100 from your mobile for police help and inform your Travel Agent immediately. Women travellers can be targeted by criminals and it is therefore better to book your India Tour through a reputed & reliable Travel Agent/ Tour Operator.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:
- Before going out, make sure, your clothing is fit with local customs.
- Don’t wear heavy & expensive jewellery particularly during evening/night time.
- Be aware of making new friends, even if they are your fellow holidaymakers.
- Don’t tell strangers/ unfamiliar about your hotel/ Guest House and your holiday plan.
- If you are travelling alone, then, you may attract unwelcome attention. So better to ignore them and act confidently.
- Plan your itinerary to go out and make sure, you are back to your hotel on time. Make sure, you have the hotel’s address and contact number.
- Never accept a lift or car rides from strangers.
- Ask for a taxi from your hotel/ Travel Agent.
- If anytime, you feel uncomfortable or any danger, please ask for help from locals by shouting or dial 100 from your mobile for police and inform your Travel Agent.
- Never accept drinks from strangers and don’t leave drinks unattended.
- Always drink responsibly, as alcohol is the most frequently used drug.
- Always lock your room door, when you are inside the room or leaving the room.
- Use a door wedge inside your room door for extra security.
- Use the spy-hole/ chain, before opening the door to unexpected visitors.

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